Moxie mountain

Seeing things from a broad perspective

MoxieWorks is a creative marketing agency with an insider view and a broad perspective.

We were formerly the in-house media and marketing team for a portfolio of companies including one of the UK’s leading specialist dental clinics, a leading medical imaging company, an industrial 3D printing bureau, and more. We offer years of experience translating the needs of diverse businesses into successful media and marketing strategies.

With in-depth research, MoxieWorks carefully evaluates the client’s targeted audience and delivers marketing and media  which will resonate and influence them. Our marketing campaigns, both digital and traditional, build loyalty with existing clients while creating awareness for new ones.

We identify and highlight our client’s strengths and create campaigns that grow their business. We know what works and what doesn’t, and what is good value for them.

MoxieWorks is focused on delivering effective, influential and successful results for our clients.

Maxine Fennell, Managing Director of MoxieWorks

Maxine Fennell has a strategic mindset, and she considers both the short term and more importantly, long-term business objectives for clients. She uses in–depth research and analysis to assess marketplace position to ascertain greater opportunities for media objectives.

She has a high proficiency in copywriting, digital development, public relations, event management and being able to proactively identify new income streams. Maxine has had a great success in placing news items in national newspapers, technology magazines, beauty/ fashion publications and creating TV opportunities for business owners.

Maxine can produce highly successful campaigns no matter the deadline or budget.

Chris Sullivan, Managing Director of MoxieWorks

Chris Sullivan has extensive media experience in photography, video and web design. She has experience in creating special effects for audio-visual presentations and was a freelance photographer for international newspapers, magazines, and design agencies. In 1998 Chris was commissioned by the Tate Gallery to produce a body of photographs following the transformation of the Bankside Power Station into Tate Modern. The Tate consequently purchased some of the work for their permanent collection.

Her digital skills developed further when she worked for one of London’s leading 3D Printing Companies, and the associated healthcare businesses, as their Media Director, producing their photographs, print, website and video media, as well as copywriting.