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Stand Apart from the competition

Websites that engage the eye and the mind

A website is your first impression. Similar to meeting in person, a user will judge your business in seconds. We can help you look your best and tell your story by creating visual and written content that is strong and to the point.

We cut the clutter, give your website simple navigation and keep your messages clear and distinct, with photography and videos that are convincing and true to you, and tell your story with enough intrigue to keep the user engaged.

Moxie likes to do things differently. We like to spend time getting to know how your business works. It’s important to see the day to day life of the workplace and the customer connections.

Moxie makes websites, and this is how

Responsive design is a given. It’s how we make sure your website works on all digital devices – desktop, tablet and mobiles.  More and more, websites are being designed with mobile devices in mind.  The right user interface (UI) for your business is crucial.  Knowing who your user demographics are can determine the if your web design should be principally for mobile devices, or for a desktop user.

Website Audit and Research

If you currently have a website, an audit will provide insights into what works and what doesn’t; such as which pages are most visited, the user journey, backlinks, and SEO. We use this information to make a guide for your website improvements.


This a mock-up of the home and content pages, with sample imagery. It is a visual guide to demonstrate navigation and represents the look and feel of your new website. This is where your input is most important to convey your message and identity.

Media and Copy

Photographs, videos and written text have an alchemy once they are placed on a web page. They should complement and strengthen the message, not fight each other. We will work with you to make sure everything is in harmony. If you need bespoke photography, or help with copywriting, we can help.

If there is a 'secret' to good SEO, it is knowing how to make sure your text copy gives the best information to your user, and we will guide you on the best way to write your text to reach your client through search engines.

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Review and Launch

Our web developers ensure that all web pages are responsive, allowing users to access your site no matter what device they use, as well as pleasing search engines. By combining technical expertise with SEO knowhow, our team are able to provide you with a solid digital platform.

Support and Maintenace

Much like running a car, a website needs to be maintained with a regular service to keep it running at its optimal best.

Routine maintenance is carried out to continue strengthening your online visibility (page rank), generating high traffic and new leads.

Our team will update software, check for broken links, and work with you to update your web content.

Performance Analysis

Our team recognises that attention spans are getting shorter, not longer. Your customers judge your site in seconds. You want fast load time, low bounce rate and long average session times to increase your search ranking statistics with Google to improve your ranking.

We use a suite of advanced analytical software to monitor and measure the impact of your website to increase leads.